Monday, January 18, 2010

Latasha's FLASH course!

I have been contemplating branching out into teaching workshops as I have been SO blessed and overwhelmed with many emails of "how-to" questions from other photographers! I love answering emails and helping out, so I thought it was time to develop a one-on-one workshop for those of you wanting to learn! I am SO amazed that I have had such interest and I am pleased to show you images from the very first, and successful FLASH course!

Latasha Haynes, a budding photographer from Tacoma, Washington contacted me last September and asked if I would work with her. I saw potential in her and new what it was she was looking to improve in her photography. So, we booked it. Her FLASH course was to take place January 16th, 2010! So, I started compiling a teaching workbook filled with things I would've like to know when I started out, things that still help me today and all my "tricks" of the trade.

The course is designed to be totally uninhibited in my attempt to teach you the necessary and mandatory skills for this business. I don't claim to know everything---not even close---but I love to teach the practical things.. things you wouldn't learn in a semester long photography course at your local community college. It is meant to be practical, hands on and totally transforming in the way you think about shooting and editing. All that to say, this weekend was a success and we had a BLAST!

This is a glimpse of the FLASH course in action. We took McKenna (our beautiful model) out for some funky shooting in the morning.. and some gorgeous kids in my family in the afternoon.

Latasha uploaded the images she took onto her blog at the end of the day and by morning, she had 4 emails inquiring about booking photo sessions! I am SO proud of her and very thankful for our instant connection and our new friendship! Look for the new FLASH website coming soon to inform you all on one-on-one and group workshops coming up!

Here she is, shooting---and the results!!

Along with the workshop, Latasha was sent home with a few fun head shots of her for her website and a NEW LOGO!


Latasha Haynes said...

Oh my goodness! Kacey you are sooo cool! What an honor to be your protege! Thank you for pouring into me! You have changed my life! I love you soo much and I look forward to our growing friendship!

Ruth 1:16-17


Brad Cole Photography said...

Nice! Love following one photog and seeing another! Great work:)